About the methodkit

Digital Driven Ideation Methods is method-kit made up of six methods, based on tools already known by UX and Service designers, that aims to encourage and facilitate the ideas generation process during co-design sessions.

DDIM is part of a Master Thesis work by Giacomo Flaim (MA candidate @POLIMI) and Roberta Tassi (Thesis Advisor) that can be dowloaded here (sorry only in Italian).
Illustrations by Andrea Benedetti

The MA thesis project (MA in Communication Design at Politecnico Milano) is intended to explore a syncretism between the two approaches previously submitted, through the creation of a data-driven methodkit, to be used in the ideation phase. The methodkit takes and applies the Digital Methods tools in the creation of products and services in order to generate new ideas.

Digital methods is a term coined as a counter-point to virtual methods, which typically digitize existing methods and port them onto the Web. Digital methods, contrariwise, seek to learn from the methods built into the dominant devices online, and repurpose them for social and cultural research. Digital Methods Tools, as well as Summer and Winter School, are part of the Digital Methods Initiative, founded and directed by Professor Richard Rogers, Chair in New Media & Digital Culture and Department Chair at Media Studies, University of Amsterdam.